Hello! I was at Ulta today with my $3.50 off $10 coupon and I wanted to purchase something useful. I’ve heard many wonderful things about Bio-Oil so I decided to buy a small bottle to try it out. I purchased the 60 ml/2 oz bottle for around $12 USD, minus the discount from my coupon.


I am excited to try this product because I have some pretty permanent stretch marks around my hip and abdomen area, from when I used to be overweight. I’ve read various reviews and most of them conclude that visible results aren’t noticeable for about 3-4 weeks of twice daily use. I am going to take this “challenge” and see if it really works!

I know that it does great things for skin because my boyfriend used it on his raw/peeling skin from a bad sunburn. I hope it improves my stretch marks, but I won’t be expecting much because these stretch marks have been on my body for like 7 years.

I think some weekly progress pictures are a must. If I feel confident enough, I’ll post some before and after pictures of my problem areas for a visual comparison.



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