Beauty Buys

Hey guys!

Over the weekend, I had a moment to check out a beauty store I had heard of, but never shopped at. It is the Han’s Beauty Store and it’s located pretty close to where I live. I’m not sure if they have other locations outside of California, but it’s a great beauty supply store and the prices are amazing!

Here’s what I hauled:

Han's Beauty Store haul

  1. Out the Door top coat: It was only $4 USD at this store! What a steal!
  2. Matrix Biolage Colorcarethérapie Shampoo and Conditioner: $16 USD each. I think that’s the average price for these products, but on some online websites, they were around $20 USD. A lot of people on MUA detest this shampoo and conditioner, but I actually like it and the formulas work well with my hair type.
  3. Nail art brush: $8 USD. For French tip and removing mistakes around the finger/cuticle area. It’s a good quality brush and works well. I don’t use it for French tip because I can do mine freehand, but it makes a great tool for cleaning up.
  4. Polish corrector pen: $4 USD. It serves the same purpose for me as the brush. However, its like a little pen that absorbs nail polish remover/acetone, and you can use it like a marker to erase nail polish off of your skin/cuticles.
  5. Hair clips/barrettes: $6 USD. These are made in France, so I bought them. The hair clips made in France are some of the best out there, so I always make sure to try to buy my pretty hair clips from French manufacturers. I bought this specific set because I liked the cream/brown combination of the tortoise print. I found it unusual and unique because I usually see tortoise print for hair clips in darker shades.

There you guys have it! In total, I spent about ~$58 for everything. Some of the prices were definitely steals- compared to buying them at other beauty stores/shops. They also had the Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat for only $6! Ulta carries it for around $9, I believe.

I’ll definitely be coming back here for my future beauty purchases!



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