Butter London: My First Impressions Featuring “Jaffa”

My notes on my first impressions on Butter London’s nail polishes. I chronicled my initial experiences with the brand using “Jaffa.”

  • Packaging: Compact, stylish, streamlined, classy. I like how the square cap comes off to reveal a smaller rounded applicator. However, it was still very easy to apply the polish with the black square cap. In fact, I prefer it.
  • Application: 
    • First Coat-SO SMOOTH. It felt as if I wasn’t even using a brush to apply the polish onto my nail. No streaks. Surprisingly glossy and shiny. Almost full opacity with 1 thin coat. The smoothest and shiniest nail polish I’ve ever used. Completely impressed. Took longer than usual to dry (comparisons: Zoya, OPI, Avon, China Glaze).
First coat.

First coat.

    • Second Coat– Experienced streakiness (due to: not waiting long enough for 1st coat to dry, not having a lighter touch with second application) which was fixed as a I learned how to manipulate the brush and polish on my other hand. Even shinier/glossier.
Second coat.

Second coat.

    • Top Coat: Used Seche Vite. Helped with the dry time. Nails looked ultra shiny with high gloss finish. Used Alessandro Nail Drying Drops to increase dry time. I still waited 10-15 minutes for them to fully dry because I did not want to risk dents or smudges. Dried very hard and smooth.
With top coat.

With top coat.

  • First Day: No chipping or tip wear. Received many compliments on the color.
    • Environment: Law Firm/Office. Lots of typing, filing, rifling through heavy files/papers. Did not pay particular attention or care to my nails while performing these tasks for 8 hours.
  • Third Day: No chipping. Barely noticeable tip wear. Not as shiny as the previous days, but that usually happens for me with the Seche Vite top coat.
    • Environment: Same as above. I forgot to mention that I also wash dishes by hand without gloves everyday/night.
  • Fifth Day: More tip wear, but no chipping! The shrinkage from Seche Vite was becoming quite noticeable and my nails were definitely veering to a more matte than shiny finish.
  • OVERALL: I quite like Butter London nail varnish. The colors are fashion-forward and I love how smooth the polish applies on my nails. However, I feel as if there is a learning curve with applying this brand’s polish, more so than O.P.I. and China Glaze. There isn’t really an issue with streaking, unless you apply the polish with a heavy hand on the second coat. Butter London polishes take a bit longer to dry than other brands, so a high-performance dry-fast top coat will be your best bet when using this brand.
Flash photography after top coat.

Flash photography after top coat.

Let me know what you guys think about Butter London! I’d love to hear your comments, questions, or tips about this brand!

Also, leave me a comment if you recognize the novel these pictures were taken over. :p



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