Bare Necessities


Hello, lovely readers!

There are days where I like quirky, colorful, or eccentric nail polish colors/nail art designs. They’re fun and a great way to express myself. But sometimes, there are days where I want to tone it down and be more natural.

In those cases, I turn to more nude or neutral nail polish shades, like this one! This swatch features an opaque creamy color called Bare Necessities by Avon.

It’s darker than a nude shade, yet still very wearable, neutral, and natural. Unfortunately, this shade is discontinued. I was unable to locate this product on Avon’s website, but they have another color that’s more nude called “Barefoot Beige.” Of course, you could also settle for Zoya’s neutrals as well! I am particularly fond of Zoya’s nudes/neutrals and I especially love their cream polishes.

I hope all of you enjoy the rest of your week! Thank’s for reading!



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