Water Marbling: Strawberry Cheesecake


Last night I attempted water marbling for the first time! It was not easy and I made a ton of mistakes. However, I think my nails turned out okay for a beginner.

WM1 ss

WM2 ss

The design and colors I used reminds me of strawberry cheesecake!

I won’t go into specifics about nail polish used and the technique because I’m still in the process of watching tutorials and finding out the best way to do it for me. I’ll most likely be taking another stab at it today with different colors, so if today’s nails look better, I’ll do a more thorough post on my experience in another post.

However, the majority of the tutorials I’ve been watching non-stop are from My Simple Little Pleasures. In my opinion, she is the absolute best at water marbling on YouTube! I highly recommend watching her water marbling playlist to learn the technique and to see what other designs can be achieved with this look.

Stay tuned for more water marbling!



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