New Goodies


Today at the office, a lady came by to sell some super cute jewelry from Thailand and China. She had a collection of knock-off Louis Vuitton and Chanel jewelry, and I couldn’t help but buy something!

Here’s a picture of my new “Chanel” ring:

Chanel Ring

The colors didn’t pick up quite well in the sun, but the Chanel ring has a black band with rose gold C’s. It is super cute, dainty, and feminine! Best of all, it was only $8 USD!!! I like how it looks next to my ring from Tiffany’s.

Then after work, I stopped by the mall. I needed a new pair of jeans and some skin/body care products from Lush.

Here’s what I bought from Lush:

Lush goodies

  • Karma body soap: “An all-time classic, Karma is the ultimate LUSH scent. Spicy patchouli is complemented with refreshing lemongrass, orange oil and pine to create a clean and lovely smell that lasts on the skin for ages after you’ve washed. One whiff and you’ll be hooked – for this life and the next…”
  • Tea Tree Water toner: “Suffering from spots, blackheads or excess oil? Don’t fret! And most importantly, don’t use a toner laden with skin irritating alcohol. Blemish-prone skin if often more sensitive than we like to give it credit for… The antiseptic tea tree oil clears out blemish causing bacteria, while grapefruit and juniper water balance oil production…”
  • Lemony Flutter cuticle butter: “We made Lemony Flutter to soften your dry, cracked cuticles and nourish your nails; it’s our thickest, zestiest cream yet. In fact, it’s so good as softening you up our customers have been using it on other rough body parts, like feet, elbows, and knees too. Fresh lemons are put into an infusion and lovingly blended in our rich butter base to brighten skin and lighten nails…”

I LOVE ALL THREE OF THESE PRODUCTS! The soap smells divine, the butter is moisturizing and works better than anything I’ve ever tried, and the toner does an amazing job of soaking up face oil and calming down redness.

Last but not least, I bought a new pair of jeans from American Eagle. They have this amazing promotion where all jeans are $10 off! I don’t even mind paying full price for their jeans because they’re not ridiculously expensive and the quality is good, but the extra savings definitely made me happy!

Gotta love shopping! 🙂 ❤



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