Review: Alessandro Express Polish Dry


Today I have a review on an AMAZING product that has considerably shortened my nail polish drying time by about 70%!

It is the Alessandro Express Polish Dry drops. I have never used this brand, nor heard of it, until I stumbled upon it on the website. I believe it is also a German/European brand so it doesn’t seem common or widely found. I was looking for something to spend my 100 Birchbox points on, and I settled on this product because it had free shipping and only cost me $5 USD out of pocket ($15 USD without my Birchbox points).

dry drops

First Impressions:

-Works well/as advertised! I waited about a minute or two after I had applied my polish and put the drops over them. The product slowly spread over my entire nail on its own. Sometimes, if you put too much, you’ll get some all over your finger, but its not a big deal and doesn’t affect the nail polish underneath. I just make sure I have a napkin/tissue under my hand when I use the drops.

-No harsh scent. But it does smell faintly chemically and fruity at the same time.

-Did not dry out my nails/cuticles/surrounding skin. In fact, the product is like an oil, that actually moisturizes your cuticles!

-Instead of taking about 10-15 minutes for fully dry/smudge-free nail polish, it only took about 5 minutes!

-Design is convenient. This product uses a push-release mechanism, which is easier to use in terms of controlling the amount of product that comes out. But just like an eyedropper, you push down on the top part inside the liquid to refill the little tube.

Overall score: 4/5.

Definitely a must-have in any nail polish addict’s collection, whether it is from this brand, or another! It’s also great for those who are impatient and/or are in a hurry.

I knocked off 1 point because the bottle is kind of small for the price, compared to similar products out there. Also, it is disappointing knowing that when I run out of the product, I won’t be able to easily re-purchase unless I buy it from Birchbox again (I dislike Birchbox!), or pay for it on Ebay or Amazon.



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