Sunny Satchel

Good morning!

Last night, I received my satchel from the Cambridge Satchel Company! I was so shocked I received it so early! I placed my order on February 8, and by yesterday morning, it was at my house!

I really wanted yellow because lately, my outlook on life has been pretty negative, so I thought a nice, bright, sunny yellow bag would help brighten things up! I also chose gold embossing with my initials because I’ve always been a gold girl. Although the hardware is silver, it doesn’t really seem to matter, since mixing metals is so in right now.

The 13inch classic satchel in yellow.

The 13inch classic satchel in yellow.

When I finally decided to buy one, I was really happy that the company had released a U.S. online store and for a limited time, FREE SHIPPING! If I didn’t have free shipping, I would have had to pay an additional $20, on top of the embossing, ($8 per letter, max embossing fee of $32) and the price of the satchel itself ($162). My total cost was $178.

I can’t wait to start using my new satchel! I might do a review on it down the road, but only after a few months of wearing it, because you never truly know how a handbag fits your lifestyle until you’ve used it in multiple situations.

If you have a satchel from this company, leave a line in the comments and tell me what size/color you got! I love these bags so much and I enjoy learning other people’s experiences with them!



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