Where I Get Ready

Happy Sunday!

Although I don’t have a swatch for you all today, I thought I’d share a quick peak of where I get ready every day! I do my makeup and hair at this lovely vanity/corner of my room.

vanity 1I normally have excellent lighting from the sun (pulling the blinds back), or from adequate lighting (not as excellent as the sun, though). I’m definitely looking into getting some cute vanity lightbulbs and affixing them to the wall, but I’ve lazy. I wish I had somewhere more gorgeous and extravagant, but I’m not a rich girl and this is all I have, so I’ve made the most of it.

Do you guys have a special place where you put on your makeup or style your hair? Let me know in the comments, and I’d also love to see pictures of it!

One response to “Where I Get Ready

  1. This is really nice. I have been looking for a good makeup table for a while. At the moment my make up table is also my office and my dinner table, not too convenient 🙂


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