Candle Paradise


Whenever Bath & Body Works has a deal or sale on candles, I WILL ALWAYS BUY SOME. Always.

They currently have a 2 for $22 deal, so I bought:

Paradise Candles

  • Tiki Beach: “A scent as warm as sunrays- a luxurious blend of toasted coconut, vanilla musk, orchids, and resort glamour”
  • Peach Bellini: “A shimmering blend of white peach, sweet orange peel, yellow mandarin and jasmine, with a pop of sweet blackcurrant that sparkles as bright as the sun”

Out of the two, Tiki Beach is more subdued in scent and smells sexy and fruity. I’m also a huge sucker for anything that smells like coconut. Peach Bellini is a strong scent, but gives off a lighter and less heavier “throw” than the former. It is also sweeter with a delicate peachy-ness to it.

However, last month (or last year) the candle deal was only 2 for $20. It seems that Bath and Body Works have increased the price for this deal, but it doesn’t seem significant enough for me to stop purchasing them at their new price. I would never buy them individually (retail price for one 14.5 oz candle is $20).

Overall, I am in love with both scents and will definitely be burning one of them tonight before I go to bed!


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