Girly Polka Dot Nails

Good morning!

About two weeks ago, I did my nails in this girl-pink color with polka dots. I never got around to posting it, until today! Here you go:

Girly Polka Dots 1


The pink polish is “Fiji” by Essie. I noticed that this particular shade of pink makes my skin look tanner next to the polish. I also had this color on my toes, and my toes looked like they had a nice tan as well. I guess because the color is so light and bright at the same time, that it just makes the skin around and close to the polish a bit darker than it really is.

The white polish is “White on White” by China Glaze. This color has been discontinued.

Girly Polka Dots 2On my right hand, I alternated the color of the polka dots and the base color. I used a rather large dotting tool because I wanted big circles! This look would also be cute with smaller polka dots or little gemstones instead of the dots.

Come back soon to check out my Zoya polishes and reviews!


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