Zoya Overload!


I was super excited to open it because I wanted to see all of the fabulous colors I bought up close!

Zoya Package

Since I spent over $30 USD, I got a free nail polish remover. I also liked how they included a booklet with swatches of every color Zoya currently carries. The swatches in the booklet are also very accurate to how the polishes look in person, so its going to be extremely helpful when ordering more colors!

Zoya Spring 2013

Zoya Spring 2013

Above, are the colors I bought from the Zoya Spring 2013 collection. The name of colors are below:

6. Piaf

5. Gie Gie

7. Blu

Zoya Misc. Colors

Above, are the other colors I purchased, from other collections. Below are their names:

4. Hermina

1. Gaia

3. Glimmer

2. Meadow

Zoya Swatches

I’ve also swatched each polish. The numbers correspond to what is listed above. Each swatch is 2 coats thick. This is my first time using Zoya, and I’m beyond impressed!!!

The colors are beautiful and definitely what I expected, in terms of color pay-off and pigmentation. I’m surprised that the more sheer polishes, Gaia (1) and Glimmer (3), built to full coverage, just after 2 coats.

I cannot wait to wear all of these gorgeous polishes on my nails! I will be posting individual posts for each Zoya polish, as well as swatches with the colors on my nails. Stay tuned!


4 responses to “Zoya Overload!

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  2. I’ve recently started using the Nail Food & Nail Drink which I think is made by Zoya (there is a lot of confusion, there seems to be about 8 different brand names Zoya/Zoom/Supernail products!) and have been eagerly eyeing up the polishes on the website! How do you find they last on you?

    • Hello! Thank you for your comment!

      I’m new to Zoya but I’ve been trying out the brand with the seven colors I bought last month.

      From what I’ve experienced, the Zoya polishes are extremely durable! The polish barely chips!!! I was so surprised! Because even my OPI has at least a few. For some reason, I haven’t had any ridges on my nails since I’ve been using Zoya. I used to get them all the time.

      Bottom line: long-lasting, chip-resistant, easy to apply, no streaking, and “safer” than other brands. High recommend.

      Hope that helps. 🙂

      • Yes it does thank you 🙂 I’m definitely going to treat myself. To be honest I’m not overly impressed with OPI, I have a few OPI gift sets and have bought a few full size colours but I never think they are *that* brilliant given the price. Zoya might be my new thing!


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