Real Techniques Review

This morning, I tried out my new Real Techniques brushes. Since many people have reviewed these brushes to death, and I agree with most of the positive ones, I’m going to be brief about this review.

Packaging: I wasn’t a fan of the packaging. It’s bulky and very plastic-y.

Expert Face Brush: Great brush! I used it with my liquid/cream foundation, from Clinique, in a buffing method. I have dry/flaky patches this time of year, and buffing my foundation onto my skin didn’t make it worse. The finish was smooth and there were no brush streaks AND NO SHEDDING! The size is perfect for around the eyes as well.

Stippling Brush: I used it with a cream blush and i liked how it didn’t pick up too much of it. The size is ideal for not over-applying product. I also used it with a powder highlighter, and it gave me a soft finish that looked more natural. It’s a great tool for achieving an airbrushed look.

Verdict: These brushes, for under $10 each, are a useful addition to anyone’s makeup brush collection. The brushes do not shed all over your face and have soft bristles. They’re also self-standing for optimal storage, and feel comfortable in your hand. I couldn’t ask for anything more, for the price and quality.

5/5!!! Go buy some!!! 🙂



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