Zoya 2013!!!

I must be going crazy. I just bought SEVEN nail polishes from Zoya! Three were free, with the code, zoya2013! I also got free shipping because my order was over $25, even with the coupon code applied. I also got a free nail polish remover. I spent $32 USD total.

The colors I bought: GeiGei, Piaf, Blu (Spring 2013), Glimmer, Gaia, Hermina, Meadow.

For 7 nail polishes and a free polish remover, I’d say that’s a damn good deal! Can’t wait to receive them all in the mail! I’ll be doing a post on them for sure. This is also the first time I will be trying Zoya nail polishes. I currently do not own any polishes from this line/brand, so I’m super excited to try them out, especially through this awesome freebie promotion!!!

Take advantage of Zoya’s offer and pick up some gorgeous nail polish colors ASAP!!!



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