Boo Birchbox

I cancelled my Birchbox subscription today. The samples I receive are weird colors that don’t look good on me or don’t match. But that wasn’t such a big deal because I was still able to test texture, pigmentation, and overall performance of the product.
But what really drove me to cancel my subscription with them was the slow and inconsistent shipping issues. Even though I live in the west coast and Birchbox is based in the east coast, there really shouldn’t be more than a 5 day delay on arrival of my box. Some of my boxes have had over a 10 day delay. I find this unprofessional and inconvenient.
I know there are other boxes out there with better products and delivery consistency. I plan on taking my $10 elsewhere, be it another sample box subscription or an extra $10 in my wallet every month.

2 responses to “Boo Birchbox

    • Hi, Jess! I think it’s awesome that your boss got it for you! It still helped me discover new makeup products, as well as new brands and international products that aren’t easily accessible in the U.S. For those reasons, I’m glad I tried it. I’m still excited to receive my December box!

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