Mini Ulta Haul

I went to Ulta on Friday after work to buy some essentials!


  1. John Frieda 100% Glossing Mist, $6 USD
  2. Neutrogena Healthy Skin: Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Blemish, $7
  3. Essie Nail Polish in Fiji (wasn’t totally a necessity, but I needed a new pink color for my nails/toes!), $8
  4. CHI Turbo CB02 (Best hairbrush I’ve ever used to style my hair!), $15


7 responses to “Mini Ulta Haul

    • I haven’t done an official review on the product but I’m giving it a 2/5.

      Pros: adds a lot of shine. Smells nice. Decent price ($6, or less).

      Cons: Left my hair oily!!! Sort of changed the texture of my hair (I have thin, fine, straight/wavy hair). Didn’t really apply well, no matter how far away I held the bottle from my head. I even tried applying the mist on my hand then using my fingertips. Didn’t work. I returned the product.

      I recommend: hair oil from Alterna, the Hairdresser’s oil from Bumble and Bumble, or even John Frieda’s finishing cream. These products add shine, tame flyaways, and nourish your hair. If you go to Sephora, ask for a sample of the first 2 and you can try them out first, since they cost more.

      Hope this helps.

      • Wow, thanks for the help! The cons overshadow the pros for the John Frieda product in the picture so I’ll try going for what you have recommended. Big thank you.

  1. Ohhhh the Essie polish is so gorgeous!
    I couldn’t help but notice the exchange above >_<. Have you ever tried using a serum? I really like the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, and I have a friend that uses the Garnier one (it's much cheaper than the Paul Mitchell one, and she enjoys it ^^). Serums don't make your hair oily :).

    • Hello! Yes, it is! I love Essie. I haven’t tried a serum. Just hair oils and creams. But thank you for the heads up! I just recently started using more hair products since I cut my hair, so I will definitely try Paul Mitchell ASAP!!!

  2. Thank you! My parents bought it for me a long time ago. The drawers on the side hold all of my jewelry too. Ill do close up pictures eventually!!


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