What I Bought Today: Days of Blood and Starlight


Over the weekend, I relentlessly read Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I found myself plunged into a new world of fantasy, romance, mystery, and suspense. The beginning of the novel had me instantly curious to find out more about this blue-haired girl and the secrets to her life. Midway through the story, I was hooked. I was completely immersed into the world that Taylor created, with her fluid words, vivid imagery, and unique characters.

When I finished Daughter of Smoke and Bone yesterday, I was anxious to read the sequel. So today, I left work early to head over the Barnes & Noble to pick up Taylor’s latest continuation of the series, Days of Blood and Starlight.

I am BEYOND excited to read this novel. The first book left me in suspense and turmoil over Karou’s dilemma and Akiva’s despair.

Laini Taylor is an amazing writer, and I’ve fallen in love with the world she’s created and the characters she has brought life to.


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