My Experience with the Apple Store

Yesterday afternoon, I visited the Apple store to take my mid-2010 13 inch MacBook Pro in for some repairs. The closet Apple store to me is the one in Pasadena, on Colorado blvd. I made an appointment at 5pm and when I arrived, I was greeted immediately and helped out.
The reason I brought in my computer was because my battery was dead and swollen. This caused the bottom of my Mac to rest unevenly on its base. The swollen battery also lifted and cracked my trackpad, making it unable to click. I also had issues with overheating and my Mac randomly shutting down while using it. In addition, the whole machine became sluggish and frequently unresponsive.
Apple classified my MacBook Pro as “Tier 4 Accidental Damage.” The Genius said that since my battery swelled up (which he says does happen from time to time with these machines) and caused multiple physical and internal problems, that the store manager would cover all costs and repairs!!! Happily for me, I didn’t have to pay over $800 in these repairs! Apple has my Mac for an entire week, but I believe I can manage without a computer for that time, if that means free repairs for more than half the cost of a new MacBook Pro!
This Apple store is absolutely amazing and I recommend that everyone visit this location if you live nearby.
I’ll post another update once I get my computer back!!!



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