Today after work, I decided to stop by the mail for a quick shopping trip. I’ve been saving up a lot of money lately, so I thought I’d buy a few of my favorite things!


From top right to bottom: Big Blue, Silky Underwear, Dorothy, and Cosmetic Warrior.

  • Big Blue is a bath bomb. I like how it has seaweed in it because seaweed is very good for your skin!
  • Silky Underwear is a dusting powder. It carries a scent of jasmine which is sexy and alluring! This powder also leaves your skin super soft.
  • Dorothy is a bubble bar. I bought it because it smells amazing and its kind of like you’re getting 2 bubble bars in one!
  • Cosmetic Warrior is a face mask. My skin has been breaking out recently and randomly so the sales associate recommended this one to me. Its apparently great for breakouts and combination/oily skin types.


Fresh Balsam and Sandalwood Vanilla.

I am OBSESSED with candles! I love smelling new scents and buying the ones I like best! At Bath and Body Works, the 4 ounce candles were on sale for $5 each, instead of the regular $10 each. That being said, I had to buy 2 because it was essentially a 2-for-1 deal!

  • Fresh Balsam smells like pinecones, but in a sweet and fresh way. I like how the pine scent was not overpowering. The cedar wood musk definitely tones it down. It smells divine! This scent is more fresh and invigorating.
  • Sandalwood Vanilla smells like vanilla, but with a sexy and deeper tone. I love that it has hints of caramel and juniper because you can detect a very discreet and subtle minty-ness to it. This scent is more comforting and inviting.


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