PRODUCT REVIEW: Que Bella Face Mask

On Friday, I stopped by Target to pick up a few things. While browsing the beauty aisle, this product line of face masks caught my eye. Retailing for $2.04, I decided to try the Que Bella Dead-Sea Mud Mask. I love masks and at-home-facials, so it seemed like a good deal to me.

Last night, I put it on. You are supposed to wash your face with warm water, and then apply it, but I actually dried off my face before I put on this mask. I like thicker masks and I feel as if the mask works better on dry skin (clay tends to loosen and decompose in water!). I applied a the mask at a medium thickness level on my face, and I still have half the mask left! I put the package in a ziplock bag and stored it in the fridge for next week! The suggested leave-on time is 15 minutes, which I did. While the dead-sea mask was on my face, there was definitely a lot of tingling. It was not particularly painful, but it was to the point of discomfort. However, I knew the mask’s dead-sea minerals were working to cleanse my pores and remove impurities. On the bright side, the mask has a nice smell, very pleasant and not overpowering like other masks from other brands I’ve tried.

After 15 minutes, I rinsed it off with warm water. As soon as the mask was completely off and my skin was dry, my skin was literally GLOWING. My skin was supple and soft and looked amazingly healthy. I will definitely be repurchasing this item and I can’t wait to use the other half of my mask! For $2.04 and 2 uses, this mask is quite a good deal. I got amazing results at a low cost- perfect for those of us on a beauty budget!

**This product was purchased with my own money, therefore, reviewed with my own and honest opinion.**


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