September Shopping Extravaganza!!!

With my brother back from San Diego for the weekend, we decided to go on a MAJOR shopping spree.

First, we visited IKEA in Burbank for some home décor and organizational necessities. While there, I picked up the super-cute “Spöka night light!

  • The product can be found here (U.S.). The little light glows from blue to green, with all of the transitioning colors in-between. There is even an option to toggle the light to reflect one color only. While the Spöka night light was my favorite product I picked up from Ikea today, I also bought some closet and storage containers.

After Ikea, we walked to the Burbank Mall. There, I picked up some wonderful candles from Bath and Body Works. They have a special promotion for their large 3-wick candles, 2 for $20! I am obsessed with candles, so naturally, I couldn’t resist. To top it off, they even gave me a free mini-candle during check out!

  • Both of these scents smell wonderful for Fall! They’re more on the masculine side, but they’re definitely musky, warm, and comforting! I am currently burning the Mahogany Teakwood candle in my room, and it took about 10 minutes for my whole room to smell like it!

I popped into FOREVER 21 for a quick peek at their current clothing trends. I was immediately pleased to see several professional-looking blouses that were affordable for me. I bought 2 blouses that were ultra feminine and chic.

Black with gold is always sexy and professional-looking.

This blouse is so cute and on trend with the Peter Pan collar!

  • Both tops were $19.80.

When my favorite pair of AMERICAN EAGLE jeggings ripped, I knew I had to replace them. however, I never got around to it because I didn’t feel like spending $45.95 on them. However, when I popped into the store today, all of their jeans were on sale for $30! I immediately bought a pair. When I bought my first pair of these jeggings about 2 years ago, I loved how comfy and soft they were. The front side pockets were not functional, but the back ones were. But now, they updated their jegging style and made the front pockets useable! If you’re looking for a great pair of comfortable, well-fit, and versatile jeggings, then I highly recommend the ones AMERICAN EAGLE manufactures!

They look like real jeans, but feel softer, more comfortable, and are more forgiving on the figure.

  • Another great thing about buying jeans and denim from American Eagle is that they come in 3 lengths. Regular, short, and long. I’m shorter than the average American woman, so I bought these in short, which fit me length-wise perfectly!

Although I bought more items not included in this post, these are definitely my favorite purchases from today’s shopping excursion. I’m looking forward to buying myself a great pair of boots, a chunky rose-gold watch, and more beautiful blouses!



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